Natalia on the Farm

A few nice patagonia run images I found:

Natalia on the Farm
patagonia run

Image by Stuck in Customs
Natalia on the Farm
After getting back from one of those long hikes in Patagonia, I stayed with my Russian friends at a small hotel in El Chalten. It was a little family-run operation and the daughter Natalia helped out by running errands and these sorts of things. I took her around with me to take some photos in the little town, and she was happy to pose! It was plenty easy to find all kinds of interesting backgrounds, since El Chalten is a picturesque little town with old buildings, horses in fields, and mountainous backdrops.

Read more here at my travel photography blog, Stuck in Customs.

patagonia run

Image by zanzo
In 1993, I braved the icy winds blowing up from Antarctica and set my eyes on the Torres del Paine near the southernmost tip of South America. At its base, herds of guanico ran over the gray terrain while in the air, condors rode the brisk gales. With so few people and such strange and abundant life, the place was like some prehistoric world.

Lago Argentina Shimmering in the Summer Sun (Argentina)
patagonia run

Image by departing(YYZ)
A beautiful glacial lake running off from the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

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